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(Total gameplay for IGMC demo: Approximately 15-20 minutes.)
I love bug reports, please let me know your feedback! However, check out the known issues/bugs list to save you some typing before you send a report.


Hello everyone!

This is my entry to the Indie Game Maker Contest 2017. 

I found out about this contest two weeks into October, and I was very excited to participate. This is something I've always wanted to do, but never got around to doing it.

What was supposed to be a quick game turned into a plan for an epic RPG. It will continue to grow and I hope that people will take a look when it's at a more completed state.

This demo version includes the game's intro, the starting town and an introductory quest. It is a bit incomplete, but I hope you enjoy it!


This game will have many more updates in the coming months. Check back to see proposed features and updates! A much more robust demo will be available after the IGMC 2017 Jam is complete!

Game Summary

A story-driven, puzzle based RPG inspired by classic SNES games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and the Legend of Zelda. 


(Note: Some items are proposed and not present in the IGMC demo.) 

  • Fast paced "Action Timed Battle" system that relies on strong decision making
  • Various dungeons, caves, and towns to explore all with unique puzzles and characters
  • Quest system with unique rewards
  • Crafting/Extraction/Enchantment system
  • Custom designed menus and interface
  • Dynamic lighting, weather, and day/night cycle
  • Tons of monsters and bosses to fight!


Nearly a century ago, a horrific, apocalyptic event known as the Great Cataclysm threatened to wipe out the world of Astravia. 

Just before the day of reckoning took place, two heroes emerged. Utilizing their magical prowess, they brought the Great Cataclysm to a halt and reversed its malevolent energy.
Once their work was completed, however, they vanished.

After this occurrence, the people of Astravia--amongst the tension of nearly becoming extinct--went to war. The kingdoms all battled for strength and power, and many were killed. 
The war eventually ended, but it bred hatred and malice.
Not soon after, a dark wizard named Vadimas emerged.

Vadimas has only one goal in mind--destroy the selfish people of Astravia for good by bringing about a second Great Cataclysm.
With no heroes to save the world this time, who will stop him?


Meanwhile, a young man named Oliver finds himself in Mordin Village and stricken with amnesia after being mugged in the swamps on the north border of the town.
Fully recovered from his physical injuries, he decides it's time to return to Valica to resume his duty as a courier. 

However, his plans change when mysterious events in Mordin Swamp begin to piece together his memory...

Known Bugs / Issues

Unfortunately, a rushed submission lead to a lack of QA. 
Here are the problems I'm aware of that will be fixed next update:

  • Quite a few collision issues on the starting map. 
  • BALDRIC LIES ABOUT THE MILK. (The items don't actually get added to the player's inventory when received). 
  • If the player waits on the main menu for an excessive amount of time, the menu fades out. Hitting the "select" button selects the last highlighted option instead of slowly fading the menu back in.
  • If the player skips the introduction cutscene during a screen-shake event, it may carry over into the following cutscene in Baldric's house.
  • After Jennah has been kidnapped, if the player tries to sleep in the bed in Baldric's basement from the right side, their sprite will move in the incorrect direction and clip them into the wall. 
  • The swamp can't be exited because I messed up the transfer event .__.; 
  • The enemies in the swamp are quite unbalanced.
  • Attempting to escape a battle may throw an error message.
  • Battle success processing is a bit clunky, the windows do not disappear quick enough.


"Legends of Astravia", and its story, characters, and themes within are © Liz Paglione.
All Rights Reserved.

Borrowed assets, scripts, and game engine components are property of their respected owners, and are used and modified with their permission.
This information is detailed in the "Credits" documentation provided with the game.

Any asset, script, or component not detailed in the "Credits" documentation is created by and thus property of Liz Paglione.

If you feel an asset, script, or component was used without your permission, please contact Liz immediately via boisteroushero@gmail.com

More information

Published 15 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Action RPG, Episodic, JRPG, RPGMaker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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